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Lambsie A Working Mothers Success

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Who are we/what do we do/when did we start? 

We are Lambsie; Bridget, Amy and Maggie – a close-knit mother and daughter team living in Yorkshire. Lambsie was founded 2 years ago when Maggie’s sister accidentally shrunk her daughter’s beloved woollen Whistles dress. Instead of throwing it away, Maggie used the material and teamed it with a beautiful Liberty fabric, and created a bespoke coat for the daughter’s baby. It was such a hit that we made more and more as gifts and the opportunity for a business presented itself. We spend our days searching for fabulous fabrics and creating beautiful baby coats out of them. It’s extremely rewarding to have creativity in our lives and really satisfying to see an old garment returned to glory in an unrecognisable piece of clothing.

3 of themWhat was exciting/daunting?

Starting to work on a new idea together and bring mum’s passion to
life was really exciting. Constant conversations between the three
of us helped give the idea a direction and a few months after starting up, we were preparing for our first market as sellers. We had no idea what we were stepping into and learnt lots along the way, mainly understanding where to market our product and not waste time and money on the wrong event.

How did I promote it?

 We built a website and focused on promoting the business via social media seeing as that’s the way of the world at the moment. We have a blog which helps get our activity noticed and is great way to stay creative and in touch with our audience. Word of mouth has worked well for us and exposure at craft fairs brought lots of orders in also. We even got an order from a lady who overheard us discussing the business on a train – thanks again to Shirley on her way Manchester!

What challenges did I face?Lambsie table

 Although a benefit to our product is that they are all one-offs, it’s also been a challenge when we have a request for a certain colour and we have to try and source it. Finding a spearmint-green cashmere jumper in a suitable size, good condition and within budget can prove a bit tricky. We managed it though!

Every order is unique and always requires a back and forth conversation with the buyer – it’s a nice, personal way of working but it does take a lot of time to ensure we arrive at the perfect end result.

What is difficult now?

It’s sometimes hard to know what’s best to do and we’re learning as we go. We’re often nervous of going full steam ahead with the promos in-case we’re inundated with orders which we may struggle to deliver on time. We also want to keep the business to just the three of us for the time being so employing sewers hasn’t been an option but if things continue the way they are, things may have to change. Being parents to young families and having demanding jobs, means that we struggle to dedicate lots of time to the sewing machine. Maggie (retired) ends up being the main producer of our garments but this isn’t a long term plan.

coatNew products/ideas?

Although the baby coat was the original product, we used left over materials to create little hats also. These have been really popular – since the bobble hat became the must-have item of clothing, orders for our ‘Cashmere Cosies’ went through the roof! We’ve toyed with the idea of ‘Lambsie Legs’ too but for now we’re sticking with our niche. To give our customers another option, we recently created a DIY kit, so it’s possible to create you’re very own coat. We supply all the ingredients and off you go – sewing machine and common sense not included!

What are our plans?

We are currently chatting about what we want to achieve in 2016. Our ideas are always developing and it’s exciting to think how we might be able to progress things to the next level since taking the leap and finding out more about starting a business. Watch this space……

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