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Mia & Dom – The Story

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Mia & Dom is an organic skin care range for pregnancy, babies and sensitive skin . A North Yorkshire based business founded in February 2015 by working mother Jennifer Feltham.

Jennifer Feltham

The business has literally blossomed from my desireJennifer Feltham Picture
to use only natural products on our children Mia & Dominic.
Our son, Dominic suffered with severe eczema from a very early age, and I couldn’t find any products that worked, that didn’t contain steroids, so I decided to make some myself.
In fact, my father remembers me making ‘lotions & potions’ from the age of eight!
With my passion and love for all things natural I began creating creams and balms in my own kitchen. This continued until I perfected the formulations that launched the Mia & Dom product range in February 2015.

Although I have had a life long interest in natural medicine and herbal products I haven’t always made ‘lotions & potions’. My business background, for over 15 years, was working in corporate marketing and business development roles which has provided knowledge that has helped launch the business.

When launching an organic skin care business there is a lot of processes and legal obligations that you have to fulfill.  Ironically, it took me 9 months from concept to launch.  all our products had to be Cosmetically Approved and submitted onto a European Cosmetic Portal prior to launch.  All our labels have to be approved and Trading Standards were heavily involved in the wording as well as our chemist.

My objective, which is instilled throughout the company is:

“to use the very best ingredients to provide our customers with beautiful, organic, natural and safe skin care for their family”.

Why Organic?

Our Skin absorbs whatever we apply to it therefore we should be concerned about the products we use for ourselves and our children.

We believe botanical oils (oils derived from vegetables and plants) are under-rated in skin care, in fact we would go as far as saying they are an essential part of all good skin care products. Some call them “carrier oils” but again, this reduces their status and implies that they have little function other than to carry the other ingredients and essential oils.

Vegetable and plant based oils have a huge nutritional potential containing vitamins, minerals and a wide range of Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9. So even on their own they are full of skin nourishing properties.

Our Ethics

All the products are hand made in Ripon, North Yorkshire. All our ingredients are sourced from UK Suppliers . All of our suppliers organic ingredients are certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) UK certifying body so that you can be confident that the organic raw materials we use are indeed organic.

We will not use raw materials made from animal sources, e.g. slaughterhouse by-products such as gelatine, collagen, and animal-based emulsifiers and soap ingredients. These are by far the most commonly used materials in the cosmetic industry and we want no part of that. The only animal by-product we use is beeswax and no bees were harmed in the harvesting of this natural product!!  We do not support the testing of raw materials for cosmetics on animals.


My goals for the business in the first twelve months have changed as I was only going to be an on line retailer, but I was approached by Natures Purest, a high street organic clothing business who wanted to stock my products in their shops which we have done since July and it is going really well.

In the future, I would like to continue to raise awareness of my brand through social media and work with other on-line and high street retailers to promote our products across the UK, Ireland and Europe.


Soothing skin salve 5

Soothing Skin Salve  

Our Best Seller!  One for all age groups, this action packed salve is ideal for any dry, sore and itchy skin – without stinging! A must in the holiday first aid kit. May help eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.


Refreshing shampoo 4

Refreshing Baby Shampoo

Wake up call! The lemon verbena with the zing of green mandarin oil gives a gentle, refreshing fragrance.  Gentle enough for baby hair, and adults too!


calming baby massage 1

Calming Baby Massage Oil   

Our baby massage oil is light and easy to use (and is great for your
hands too). The synergy created with this combination of oils provides the perfect blend of smooth and nutritious essential vitamins and minerals. Roman Chamomiles mild, soft sweet aroma is particularly suitable for calming and soothing and combined with Lavenders floral notes makes an excellent massage for your pre-bed time routine.

Bottom balm 3

Bottom Balm

Our bottom balm combines Tamanu and Safflower Oils which encourage wound healing and promote healthy skin and Rosehip Seed Oil which is a widely recognised skin healer.   The balm is finished off with the essential oils of Lavender and Roman Chamomile.



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