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Flexible Working Employers Directory

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We are excited to be working with a number of businesses to create a directory for our readers. The aim of this directory is to let you know which businesses out there are working towards flexible working roles within their organisations.

  • So who really does it, is it out there?
  • Which companies should I be looking at and applying too?
  • I know no one really does flexible working in my sector?
  • Where do i find the real flexible working companies and roles?

These are constant questions our team are asked time and time again and the number of emails we receive about flexible working is vast, let alone the social media enquiries.

Our main audience are working mothers, however we are now attracting traffic and questions from everyone who is looking at flexible working either now or for their careers in the future how they find the roles, which companies are the companies they should be looking and applying to.

So this has now become our next project to create a directory that tells our audience exactly who is doing what in flexible working and allows those companies to be found simply.

If you are a looking for a new flexible working role then sign up for free for job alerts and an alert from when our flexible working directory goes live at the end of October by clicking here.

If you are an employer that wishes to join our flexible working directory please contact us on for pricing.

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