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The Power of Peer To Peer Groups

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 By Meg Heath
The Power of Peer To Peer Groups

Using the power within groups of like-minded individuals to solve problems or develop new products is nothing new. It was the founding principle of high achievers like the Royal Society and has been used in many situations for effective personal and business development.

The Benefits of Peer to Peer Groups

The benefits of peer to peer groups on a business or personal level can be truly transformational, but are only obtained by those that invest in the group, its philosophy and its members. Effective facilitated peer to peer groups have been shown to?provide an outstanding return on investment both in terms of the time and money spent; companies experience faster and greater growth and in economically difficult times they fare better than those businesses where the owner is not involved in a group.

In recent years the existence of peer to peer groups for business has gained popularity and many different formats exist. There are two main types:

• a moderated group – started and run by the members on an informal basis

• a facilitated group – a more formally organised group where the meetings are facilitated and membership has additional benefits such as mentoring and tailored events.

In an era of constant information overload and a sense that we have less and less time, hearing from the right people is increasingly valuable and important for business owners. Staying ahead of the curve is not necessarily about connecting with a host of people, it’s about surrounding and listening to the right people. Growing, succeeding and developing is not about reinventing the wheel, it is about finding others who have been there and done that, learning from them, their successes and their mistakes. A good peer to peer group delivers this.

How to choose a group

Before joining a group you need to be clear what your aims and objectives are for joining the group. What you are prepared to give and what you want to get out of your membership. Some groups only every communicate virtually, others have a fluid membership, some focus on building confidence and networks while others concentrate on strategy and growth. Groups can cost anything from tens of pounds to over a £1 000 a month.

Where does the MMB Board fit in?
MMB recognises the need for a peer to peer group and has launched the MMB Board to provide practical and valuable advice to business women who are serious and committed to developing their business further. We want members who are prepared to be open and honest about the issues they face, as valuable advice can only be given when issues are fully exposed and truly understood. We believe that collectively we are smarter and more knowledgeable than we can be individually – access to a group of experienced business women is a powerful asset for any business, irrespective of the stage it was at. MMB Board is a Board for women who want to grow and are prepared to invest in doing so.

Trust is a key foundation stone

One of the cornerstones of MMB Board is trust. Trust that the other members of the group are committed to assisting each other to succeed in their aims. Total confidentiality of what is discussed at each meeting is key to creating a forum that allows Members to raise topics they are often unable to discuss elsewhere. Trust facilitates transparency and discussion and is crucial to deliver the results that we want our Members to obtain.

A cohesive group

Our Boards are formed to ensure that its Members are all at a similar level. The diversity of businesses sectors ensures that fresh ideas and thought processes flow through the group, that its Members are exposed to different ways of thinking and glean those valuable nuggets of information that a close and well functioning group can provide. We run groups for women at different levels and stages of their journey. Later this year we will be launching the Enterprise Board for those women who have recently started their business. Peer to Peer business groups are a good investment for any business owner who wants to develop further.

If you want to know more please contact MMB
on 0113 350 8689 or

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