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Social Savvy For A Rewarding Career

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Switch on your social savvy for a rewarding, flexible career

Obvious statement here; social media is HUGE! Both personally and professionally it’s now an intrinsic part of our lives and this has opened up a world of opportunity for anyone wanting to make their passion for social media a career.

For any business it’s essential to have some form of presence on one of the key social media platforms. It not only promotes the business but also builds connection and trust with potential customers.

We all do it, trying to find a company or tradesperson who can help us with jobs or services, ask for recommendations on our social profiles, then go in search of those who people have recommended to read their profiles, reviews or find their website links. Social media makes a business more accessible than ever so it’s imperative to be not only present but also responsive and appropriate.

There are lots of roles out there for Social Media Managers but we also think there is a great opportunity to outsource this role, especially for smaller businesses and those who are self-employed and simply don’t have the budget to employ someone full-time. This is where you come in.

Becoming a freelance social media manager can offer a varied, rewarding and fun career that can give you back control in your working life and allows you to be around for the important family milestones. It’s not just about posting a fun, quirky social post every now and then; you need to have a firm strategy in place and be ready to adapt. You need to know how to identify a business’s audience through each social platform and how to reach new markets. You’ll be continually managing and optimising the content you push out, managing budgets and then analysing and reporting on results achieved as well as keeping a keen eye on the latest updates and best practice guidelines.

It is a complex and fast-paced career but one that will suit well if you have a flair for the creative and an eye for detail.

Of course you can’t just dive into business social media without some thought and pre-planning. You need to be confident in creating a strategy that works for each specific business and understand how to put that strategy into action. This is where some initial training specifically focussing around business social media could be beneficial.

At Pitman Training we offer a range of social media courses that you can study online at your own pace. They’re revised every six months so you can be confident they’re in line with the latest updates on all platforms. You can choose to focus on specific areas such as strategy and SEO (search engine optimisation) or concentrate on individual social platforms such as twitter or facebook. We also combine a wide array of these courses into a Diploma from which you’ll gain an all-round social media skillset. If you’d like to discuss any of our business social media training, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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