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TWITTER CLASS – 31st October Book Now

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Blackhouse – Tuesday the 31st of October 2017
Held in a private room
31 to 33 East Parade

Maximum 8 people per course

9.30am to 11.30am
£50 plus VAT (£60 Total)

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Level – Basic to intermediate

A Twitter account can do so much for your personal and business brand when done right from gaining you new business; celebrity contacts and retweets through to raising brand engagement and awareness. But done wrong it can waste your time and damage your brand.

This course is designed to help you get the best out of Twitter with good credible advice on building  long lasting and steadily growing accounts that will yield you results.

In our two hours we take you through setting up your account through to building your followers, engaging with brands and celebrities and growing your impressions. Telling you why it’s the engagement of your followers and not your numbers that add to making you an influencer and getting results.


Your Brand: Creating an image and style that’s right for you from setting up your homepage to the images you use

What To Say And How To Say It: Learn the tone and style that suits you and your business and stick with it. Understand that content is key.

Hashtags: Understanding the world of hashtags and how and what to use  for your brand and your market. Plus how to create your own hashtags. 

Rules: Knowing the unspoken twitter rules and etiquette.  If you use auto responders or cold tag accounts into posts you need this!

Scheduling: From knowing when to tweet and how to find out how your account and tweets are performing and how engaged your followers are. 

Talk To Me: Why a retweet is worth more than a like and don’t forget the whole point of Twitter to engage.

Organic Growth: Why organic is best and how to achieve it. And why  buying followers is a waste of money and easily seen.

Brands/Celebrities: How to catch the eye of those people you want

Tool Kit: We share our free online tool kit for all things social media that you have to know about.

*You will also receive a handbook to keep and take away with you of everything covered in the class.

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