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What is Standing in Your way?

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bev closeup retouch By Bev Lockwood

What stands between you and realising your full potential?

As a leadership coach, I work with as many men as I do women and the single most important thing I help all my clients with is confidence – yes, confidence.  Believe it or not, the most senior ranking professionals lack confidence in some form or other, because they’re human!   However, what sets women apart from the men is our consistent lack of self belief.

Managing the voices in your head

If you’re female then you’ll experience voices in your head frequently.  Those voices are usually YOU doing one of three things:

  • You questioning yourself
  • You beating yourself up for something
  • You creating barriers for yourself

These voices are emotion rather than logic based and have no value.  They simply serve to reduce and in some cases, if left unchallenged, can destroy your self belief.

Through coaching I help women to manage their voices out, by increasing the use of the following:

  • I can rather than can I?
  • Ive learned rather than I’ve failed or I got that wrong
  • Im good rather than Am I good enough?

To successfully make the shift from questioning yourself to believing in yourself, you have to be willing to

challenge your limiting beliefs and be openly committed to your development to be able to establish the following:

  • Absolute clarity of who you are
  • What really matters to you
  • How you operate
  • Your transferable skills and attributes

£1,500 of investment in yourself will enable you to work these things out, serving to empower you and give you the self belief to take the right direction with confidence.

Bev’s had a varied and rewarding career spanning thirty four years in manufacturing, retail, local government, as CEO of a charity and almost ten years in professional services, with two of the top four global accountancy firms.

She’s now been dedicated to coaching with her own business, Unlocked Ltd, for the last three years;  helping business leaders to become more successful through high quality coaching in three key areas. 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring, leadership team development and supporting men and women to get the most from each other in the workplace.

Bev has recently finished writing her first book, “Unlocking You … Because leadership is always personal (available on Amazon click here to go to listing on Amazon).   The book has been written to help you to begin to unlock you, tackle the causes (and not the symptoms) of your business challenges, increase your self-confidence and ability to ‘sell’ yourself, become confident with the unknown, be agile, question limiting beliefs, challenge self-imposed barriers and close the gap between what you say and what you do.


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