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Working Mum To Business Owner

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Business SupportMy Story

I am a 34 year old mum of two and have been working for the NHS and Government since graduating from university and after 8 years and having my 2nd child; I made the decision to go freelance in project and business management.  I set up a business consultancy service in June 2014 – to help businesses, SMEs and large organisations to become more efficient and productive in their service areas.

As I still work 2 days a week as a Project Manager for the NHS I believe I have the best of both worlds, I enjoy the different skills and abilities my team at the NHS possess – these all help me to grow my business every day and helps me look at things from a slightly different angle.

Every day is varied which makes it more enjoyable – a huge part of the company is all about partnership working and connecting with businesses and people – hence our name ‘Connect Business Support’.

Where Do You Start?

There are many aspects you need to consider before starting up. The important thing is to take all of these into consideration and do your research thoroughly.  Networking and speaking to different people is a great way to help balance the pros and cons of setting up your own enterprise and seeing where some have stumbled and others flourished.  Getting good advice from those who have already achieved success and are maintaining it is invaluable.

Hard work, dedication and staying focused are crucial but so is great advice and business knowledge, but just where can you go to get this information and not feel over whelmed?

Connect Business Support are aware that currently there has been an increasing demand in West Yorkshire for women wanting to set up their own businesses and are here to give advice on many areas.

What do we do?

We help businesses, SMEs and large organisations to become more efficient and productive in their service areas. This can involve a vast array of things such as:

  • Supporting in business planning
  • Manage and Monitor projects
  • Improve current business practice and IT procedures

We help businesses to ‘kick start’ their daily initiatives – we help drive them forward, solve a problem and get results. Outsourcing particular tasks to my company can also be a lot more cost effective than employing someone directly, which is crucial for start-ups. The expertise is available as and when it is required and for as long as it is needed – whether a long term project or ad hoc to fix a small issue.

We build on our strengths and expertise and we use these to form great benefits and opportunities for businesses to improve their chances of growth.

Where Are We?

Being based at the Trident Enterprise Centre in Bradford – close to the city center we are closely surrounded by hot desking spaces, business coaches, mentors and regular training and local networking events. These all make setting up your business that little less daunting.

We are a friendly bunch and our office is often seen with happy people popping in for a chat and a cup of coffee. We have an open door policy and consult with our clients free of charge and at no obligation.

Why Us?

We are currently at an exciting time in our office since we are developing some new training courses – specifically aimed at new business starters or people who just want to learn in a new area or refresh themselves on a subject of interest.

We aim to make these courses as jargon free and interactive as possible. After all, the onus will be on you and your business idea and so we want you to feel comfortable and positive whilst learning.

We believe communication skills as well as motivation and organisational skills are key qualities for becoming a business owner or in any type of employment and so we offer courses in leadership, management and general business management tailored at the particular level you would like to focus on. These courses would be fully accredited.

I like to think that we are approachable and cost effective without compromising on quality (and fun!) so please do enquire about our training courses – these can be tailor made to suit you and/or your team and can be set at a learning pace which will suit you.

Setting up business and getting it off the ground isn’t just all hard work and no play – so let’s introduce some positivity and fun together into your learning journey.

RUBY SOHAL at Connect Business Support


Mobile: 07894 109767


Business Support


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