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Flexible Working Employers Directory

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MMB Magazine employers flexible working directory and flexible working job board.

Our MMB Magazine employers directory and flexible working job board covers the whole of the UK or select the regions that matter to you as a business.

The flexible working job board allows your business to be seen by readers looking for employers wo are open to flexible working in the regions you select. This also includes free role posting for flexible working, part time, annualised hours, term time roles on our flexible working job board.

By signing up to the flexible working directory for 12 months you will receive:

  • Flexible working employers directory for your chosen region
  • Unlimited flexible working role posts on our flexible job board within the chosen regions.
  • Instant email alerts to registered candidates.
  • Social media support behind your roles and company profile

*MMB Magazine will not promote any network marketing roles or businesses.


Edinburgh & Lothians
Glasgow & The Clyde Valley
North East
North Yorkshire
West Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
East Yorkshire
North West
East Midlands
West Midlands
South East England
South West England


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