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Free MMB Working Parents Magazine 2019

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Free MMB Working Parents Magazine 2019

MMB The Working Mums & Dads Magazine. A Free Way To Support Your Working Parent Employees.

We are so excited to have our new look MMB Working Parent Magazine out in print for 2019!

Our working parents got fed up of the soft play distributed magazines stuffed with adverts and hit and miss articles on the latest swim classes and days out. They wanted advice on family finance, working parents careers, returning to work and issues that affected them in business and as a family.

Due to reader demand we now have a 32 pages of content covering the topics that matter the most to our readers, in a easy to take away handbag size magazine with 13k distribution in Leeds and 6k in Manchester and Sheffield with regional content.
MMB Magazine is free for employers to distribute to employees and all you need to do is request copies via including your company names, address, contact and amount of magazines needed.

Please find an online version to see content for yourself before ordering your free copies. For South Yorkshire and the Northwest please check out our other regional sites or contact us on the above email.

MMB Magazine is a great resource packed full of advice for working mums and dads. MMB Magzine has helped thousands of working parents with issues like family finance, working parents careers and returning to work.

Take a look at the latest issue here!

Click here to view 2019 Working Parents MMB Magazine for Leeds

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