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The Great Yorkshire Sup Event 4th May

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The Great Yorkshire Sup – the ‘must do’ event of the Spring!

By Great Yorkshire Sup 

Once I reached my mid-thirties and started having kids (three at the last count) I found myself no longer on top of which new bar was opening and where the cool kids went out! This was an uncomfortable position to be in as I had spent my whole working life in bars and restaurants and considered myself (fairly) switched on.
Suddenly I was without the energy, budget and inclination to go out every weekend, and social outings became more meticulously planned, eagerly anticipated and much less frequent. There was a lot of pressure put on these rare escapes from adulting, and my peers and I wanted more than a trawl round town, in and out of bars. My absolute favourite ‘do’ was a wedding but due to our advancing years these are now few and far between!!

Enter…..”the drinks festival”! An opportunity to get dressed up (this now translates to ‘not wearing trainers’), stay in one venue all night, as I am a ‘fair weather’ socialiser, see live music, drink, eat, and dance.

About The Great Yorkshire Sup

The Great Yorkshire Sup will give you all those things, delicious food & drink all made in Yorkshire, alongside some excellent local bands, performers and DJ’s. We wanted to make sure we were supporting local businesses so all suppliers are based in Yorkshire (we couldn’t believe how many delicious gins, beers & wine we make here!?). We also wanted to ensure that we had a really buzzing party atmosphere so we have enlisted some brilliant bands, Dj’s and performers.


On the 4th May, at The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, doors open at 6.30pm to over 30 Yorkshire based brewers, 25 gins and a selection of wine, fizz and other spirits all produced in ‘Gods own Country’.

The night will have a party atmosphere with amazing local entertainment in our 3 distinct rooms, from DJs, to acoustic sets, Bands and performers.

The huge ‘Hop Hall’ is sponsored by Beer Monkey Brew Co. who are showcasing their award-winning range of cask & keg and our ‘Top Shelf’ spirits room is Sponsored by Masons Yorkshire Gin who will be running a cocktail bar in addition to their gorgeous gin & tonics.
The basement will house the ‘Sup Club’ which will open at 10pm and will keep the party going with drinking and dancing until 1.30am!
Giving something back is also important to us so we will be raising money for The Yorkshire Air Ambulance on the night by raffling off an enormous Yorkshire Hamper of goodies from our suppliers.
Tickets for the event are on sale now at buy tickets here

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