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Lean In Leeds- 19th June 2018

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Tuesday the 19th June 2018
Malmaison Hotel Leeds
6pm to 8.30pm

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Join Leanin this June for a highly interactive session with Business Coach Gill Thewlis where you’ll learn how to make the best use of your sartorial presence for the influence and impact you want to have at work.

Whether you’re entering the world of work, coming back after a break, have a developing career or have a leadership role in your organisation, this session can help you define your clothing communications strategy.

In this session we will explore;

  1. The importance of knowing what you want to achieve professionally, we are all different, who do you need to influence and what impact do you want to have?
  2. Clothing as the interface between you and others – the accidental messages we send
  3. The internal psychology of clothing – how what we wear, and how we feel about it, influences us and our performance
  4. Harnessing the power of colour, symbolism and meaning and what to wear when
  5. The language of clothing – key elements to;
    • Power and influence
    • Building consensus and engagement
    • Building rapport and relationships
    • Being authoritative
    • Serving others
    • Being consciously invisible
  6. Consciously building your own clothing communications plan

Register now to join us for this completely FREE interractive session!

Event agenda:

6pm – Sign in and networking

6.30pm – Session kick off

8pm – Session ends

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