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Leeds Lunch Club – Ditching The Career Ladder

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 Leeds Lunch MMB Private Club Network

TOPIC – Is it time to ditch the career ladder?

The Leeds lunch is back for 2020 and even stronger, with some amazing lunch club members and topics waiting to be discussed and network made.

Date: Friday the 27th March 2020
Time:  12 noon to 2pm
Location: Blackhouse – The Grill On The Square, 31 to 33 East Parade
Host: Abbie Coleman
Lunch: Two course lunch with wine and coffee.
Cost: £50 plus VAT
Bookings: Please email

*Apologies we are not accepting bookings from Family Lawyers, IFA’s or Employment Lawyers as we currently have these seats filled.

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Is It Time To Ditch The Career Ladder?

How do you reach those career goals, is it still work hard with one employer and look to rise through the ranks?

Are the days of following a linear path to that career mecca long gone and is that a good thing for the gender pay gap? Is the pivot the new career ladder.

Is this something we should be embracing to get us ahead of the curve. Is the future about designing your own career not following the path well worn. How do you get to achieve your career goals on your own terms?

Following the Times number one best seller The Squiggly Career we thought this could be an excellent time to discuss and create our own top tips to pass on.

Leeds Lunch Network.

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