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Are you looking to return to work?

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Are you looking to return to work?

Part of our #LeaveLoudly #ReturnLouder campaign

Beckie Taylor of CLOS Consultancy and Co-Founder of MMB Returners
Beckie Taylor of CLOS Consultancy and Co-Founder of MMB Returners

Not sure how to start that journey?

Well having experienced returning myself and also now supporting others I understand how daunting it may seem, however, please don’t forget how exhilarating it can be. I have put together some advice from me and others on making those first steps…


Spend time addressing what you want to do (not what other people should think you should do!), map out your values and what is important to you. For everyone, this will be different is it flexible working, career development, providing value / impact to a business, is it certain industry / role, being close to home? Once you are clear what you want, identify your skills and experiences you have acquired previously. Make sure you include the transferable skills gained throughout your career break, think about time management – getting the kids to school and activities on time, project management – running a household, dealing under pressure – the homework, making world book day costumes, mediation – keeping the peace through sibling conflicts… Once you have this list then you can ensure that role and company you are applying to matches your goals, wants and skills.


Don’t underestimate the journey that you are about to go on, you will feel a lack of confidence and question whether you have the ability to do so. But please remember to be kind yourself reflect on your achievements, skills and knowledge speak to your family and friends openly about the transition you are about to make, be honest what support you need and ask for it! Sometimes we try and mask our feelings thinking we can hold it all together when we can’t, and you know what that is fine because we are all human and there are people who will want to support you.


Start to build your network online and in person, re-fresh your LinkedIn profile about what you are looking for, make sure all your skills and experiences are on there, connect with people you have worked with in the past, and people you have met through community groups or school. Look on apps such as if there are groups you are interested in that you could start to go along to and build up your network as well as your confidence and things like this look great on your CV!


When you have secured that perfect role, in that perfect company, or have started on you own, you can enjoy that time on your own, drink a tea that isn’t stone cold, go to the toilet on your own, and know that you are not going to be covered in dribble/snot all day! But most of all be able to reflect and give yourself the recognition you deserve for holding all this **** together!


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Looking to head back to work make sure your employer knows about MMB Returner programme to support you returning the best way possible. Click here for details.

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