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MMB Private Lunch May – Burnout

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We are always striving at MMB Magazine to create credible and valuable networks amongst the professionals we are meeting on a daily basis across all sectors. We value strong networks and what they can do for each of us, but most of all we value your time and know if your taking time out to network and grow relationships you know MMB Private Lunch club is not a platform where your time is wasted. This is why our private lunches are invite only or member recommendation, if your interested  to join us please contact us on

Hosted by Rachael Mackenzie

Thai Boxing Champion Rachael Mackenzie Who better than a Rachael Mackenzie a World Thai boxing champion. Having overcome initial prejudice Rachael became the first woman to compete in Thai-boxing under the same rules as men. An injury forced a switch to boxing in 2016 where she has already achieved her goals of becoming British champion and boxing as part of the England team.

Date: Thursday 30th May 2019
Time: 12 noon to 2pm
Location: Private dining – The Lost & Found Club (Leeds City Centre)
Lunch: Two course lunch with a glass of wine and tea or coffee £50 plus VAT
To Book: Email for booking link.

Lunch Topic

Burnout – Why switching off could switch on your career

Rachael Mackenzie joins us to host the 30th May 2019 Private lunch club, to talk to you why optimising your body as much as your mind can lead to endless positives in the workplace and with your health and career.

We often hear people complain about how they are not sleeping well at night, but are so tired. The likelihood is their minds have been running all day, non-stop from the emails to text messages to the last-minute check on the phone at night and the dark hole of just a quick few minutes watching something on your phone and its then 2am.

Our minds are being switched on 24/7 along with the roller-coaster of emotions from the bosses email through to the client pulling out at 4pm on a Friday, that then stays with you through the weekend. However we are not working our bodies nearly so much, so when it comes to switching off we haven’t done enough to look after ourselves physically to get the sleep we desire,  as we head somewhere close to the black mirror dystopia.

  • Please not tickets are non refundable once booked. However we are more than happy to transfer to another attendee if pre agreed.

Can not join us in May? Then why not join us in Huddersfield in June

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