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MMB Business Club Leeds 28th March 2018

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MMB Business Club – How To Make Your Website Copy Sell. RESCHEDULED TO 28th March 2018 DUE TO SNOW IN FEBRUARY

Date:  Wednesday 28th March 2018
Time: 10am-11.30am
Location: Leeds Blackhouse, Leeds City Centre
Price £20 plus VAT

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The MMB Business Club  is a chance for small business owners in Leeds to network together and get actionable business advice on a variety of topics. We’re building a community of like-minded people who are looking for mutually beneficial opportunities to work together. Whether you need expert guidance, someone to bounce ideas off or are looking to do a skills swap.

Make Your Copy Count Founder

Join MMB and Lisa Slater, The Sales Copy & Blog Specialist

Lisa Slater of Make Your Copy Count will be conducting a ‘copy clinic’. She’ll be sharing practical advice on how to write engaging website copy and what mistakes to avoid.

We’re asking everyone to print out the words from their website (either copy and paste each page into a text document such as Word or screenshot whole pages and print). As we go through each tip, you can review your copy and identify the areas for improvement. Lisa will tell you exactly what to look out for.

You’ll be given relevant examples of how you can make your copy more convincing, persuasive or inspiring. You won’t be asked to share your copy with the entire group but if you want help with a specific area, then you’re more than welcome to ask for group input as we go along.

Lisa has been copywriting professionally for four years and has written sales and marketing copy for a wide variety of clients in all sectors. This practical workshop will give you a brief insight into copywriting and some actionable advice you can implement straight away.

If you don’t have a website yet, don’t worry, you’ll still get some great tips for when you do. You can always bring your LinkedIn profile, any other marketing literature you have, or create some copy for your future website home page.

6 Month Event Ticket With Additional Extras & 2 Free Tickets For Guests

  • Attendance at 6 events from Feb 2018 to June 2018
  • PR awareness days emailed each month for 6 months
  • Article in our online magazine about your business journey (Please note this is not an article to sell your business or services but an article about your journey in business, we reserve the right to refuse content)
  • First refusal for a listing in our printed magazine for a distribution listing reduced to £60 plus VAT from £80 plus VAT for our MMB West Yorkshire Magazine, 10 listings available. (15k copies distributed in April and September)
  • The chance for one business to be selected to feature in our 15k print run of West Yorkshire MMB magazine on our Initiative page. This will be chosen by the MMB team.
  • To be added to our invite list for the annual MMB lunch in 2018. This will require you to purchase a ticket if you wish to attend.
  • Two tickets for new guests to attend

    Payment Button

*Tickets are non refundable, unless the event for some unforseen reason is cancelled, in this case all tickets will be  refunded. All tickets must be bought in advance of event.
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