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MMB Magazine Franchise and Consultant opportunities

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  • Do you have a strong sales background?
  • Are you looking to build a business that allows you the flexibility to walk your children to school be there for sports days and the summer holidays without sacrificing your earnings?
  • Are you passionate about flexible working and supporting parents through their careers and work-life balance?

After the success of our West Yorkshire launch region and then South Yorkshire in early 2018, we have received many emails with regards to when MMB Magazine will becoming too different areas to support and network other working parents.

Join MMB Magazines team

We are excited to announce the opportunities available for people who are looking for a flexible working life around their family or circumstances but are still looking for strong earning potential.

Passionate about supporting flexible working and delivering a franchise scheme that offers the ability to really earn your franchise fee back in your first year along with profit.

Are we right for you?

We want o make sure we have the strongest team available representing MMB Magazine nationally and ultimately building an area takes effort time and sales ability. We work mainly in the business sector so having a background networking within business and business professionals will be a strong advantage.

For this reason, we will talk to you about what is really needed and expectations in your first and second year as we take people on to become part of the team to succeed and thrive not to fail.

We have found that people from a strong sales background or business development background have done exceptionally well with our brand and will require proven sales experience from potential franchises. If you don’t have previous sales experience but are passionate about bringing MMB to your area we offer the ability to work as a consultant for 6 to 12 months, with no financial layout to ensure its the right move for you.

How can you work with MMB Magazine?

We offer 3 routes to market with MMB Magazine;

6 / 12-month Consultant to MMB Magazine Franchisee

You will work as a business development consultant for MMB Magazine in a chosen area for 6 to 12 months and take home 40% of your billings.  At the end of this term, you will have the ability to buy the franchise at the price given to your before you start as a consultant.

Business Development Consultant for MMB Magazine

If you are looking for the ability to earn through your sales but without the administration, social media, IT and finance tasks of running a franchise. The ability to take home 40% of your earnings as a self-employed consultant, while working under the brand of MMB Magazine along with all the support needed to succeed. Working as and when suits your work-life balance.

MMB Magazine Franchisee

If you know you are looking to create your own regional MMB Magazine and wish to enter into talks directly about owning a franchise immediately. Then we have a great team along with a real business opportunity. *To do this you must have a proven sales background.

Interested to know more? Then fill in the form below to get some more information and book a general telephone chat.

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