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MMB Returner Programme

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MMB Returner Programme

With the launch of MMB Magazine, we’ve been compiling information from our readers though surveys, feedback and business events including #YorkshireFlex and #NorthWestFlex attended by over 100 HR professionals.

We’ve heard honest opinions and stories about the struggles and successes of flexible working and returning to work. This has given us an unrivalled insight into both sides of the returner journey.
Working with our Co Founder Beckie Taylor of Tech Returners, this insight has formed the basis of our unique MMB returner program, which can be tailored to fit businesses of any size.


MMB Returner supports businesses by providing bespoke programmes for short and long-term returners.  We ensure Returners have a successful transition back into their careers through personal and professional development.

Allowing companies to retain and attract and develop talent which creates an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Where traditional returner models may cease, we continue to develop returners through a programme of executive coaching, mentoring and access to a professional network of events. Ensuring maximum impact on investment through their return and beyond.

Fill the form below for more information on the MMB returner programmes and costings for your business


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