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Order MMB Printed Magazine 2019

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Order Now For Your – MMB Printed Magazine For Leeds –  Out 2019

We are excited to announce our 3rd printed edition of MMB Magazine is out and with a new look!

*Our new look MMB Magazine will be 32 pages and handbag size due to reader request.

mmb magazine flexible working parents magazineThis edition will cover:

* How to ask for a pay rise
* Returner Tips
*Are you making the most of your family finance
*Being a new mum and a business owner when life throws you some nasty curve balls
* How to request flexible working
* Holby City, Lucky Man actress tells you what its life as a working mum and actress.

View the printed copy online here

13k copies are given out free of charge to employers to pass to working parent employees, retailers, leisure venues, schools and nurseries in West Yorkshire.

* We also distribute 2 other regional magazines for South Yorkshire working parents and Manchester working parents.

MMB Magazines are available via employers, schools and venues. If you would like free copies for your venue please place your order below or let your school or employer know so they can order direct for you and your colleagues. Please note min postal order 25 magazines and we do not send out magazines individual but will put a full venue distribution list to pick up your copy :

Free Magazine Order

For advertising costs please contact us or read more here.

Click here to view our  April West Yorkshire 2018  E-magazine

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