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Private Lunch Club York – Networking

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Private Lunch Club York – The Importance Of Networking For Your Career

Date: Tuesday 15th October 2019
Location: York City Centre – The Whippet Inn
Time: Arrivals from 11.45am, Lunch 12 noon to 2 pm
Lunch: Two-course lunch, including a glass of wine and coffee
Cost: £50 plus VAT
Book: Email or book and pay for your ticket below
Tickets are non refundable. We can transfer a ticket but the attendee must be approved by MMB Magazine prior to the lunch.

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MMB Private Lunch Club

Join us on the 15th of October at the Whippet Inn private dining room for a two course lunch in York. This quarters private lunch club is hosted by Natalie McMillan an ex Chief Executive in a business with 1500 people and £70m turnover.

Natalie McMillan York Coach MMB working mum and working dad magazineOur careers are not linear and like life, there are many factors, different paths and avenues that we find ourselves travelling along. I want to open up your eyes to the need to build relationships and networks both within your business and organisation and beyond this. One of the contributing factors, in women feeling they are being held back or not given opportunities, is the reality of the world of work still very much revolving around ‘who you know’ rather than ‘what you know’. – Natalie McMillan

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