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The Thriving at Work Report

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Six core standards from the Thriving at Work Report

Jodie Hill
Jodie Hill Thrive law employment lawyer,

By Jodie Hill – Thrive Law

It has been just over two weeks since we held our Thriving Minds Conference on the 10th October 2018 – World Mental Health Day. At Thrive we have a huge focus about mental health in the workplace. The statistics are overwhelming in favour for investing.

I wanted to do a little update on what has being going on since the conference and reflect on what happened on the day.

Including what the conference entailed, how the information shared was and is important, why we feel that mental health needs more awareness in the workplace and where we are at now.

On the day of the conference we had the pleasure of listening to various guest speakers and lived experience speakers which brought the room closer and gave an element of empathy and realisation that these are real people’s lives and experiences they have had to encounter. We had multiple inspiring individuals who came to present at one of the eight outstanding workshops which took place over the course of the day.

One of the key aspects that people were immediately engaged with were the six core standards from the Thriving at Work Report (2017).

The standards are a set of recommendations about how to improve mental health in the workplace. They are used as a tool to give employers a nudge and begin to think more deeply about what they are participating in as a firm to contribute to better mental health. We created workbooks to guide our delegates through these and to assist their analysis of their current mental health and wellbeing practise identifying immediate key actions points. (we have some of these available still if you want a FREE workbook just email me for a copy)

We didn’t want to conversation to stop there so I created a Facebook group called ‘Thriving Minds’. The idea of this group is that we can all learn from each other by sharing ideas and experiences. We are already creating a group now of like-minded individuals who can all help each other to grow and to improve the mental health of our workforce.

We will start to put some free resources into the group too to continue the learning of each of our members.

Thriving Minds already has a whopping 123 members in just a few weeks. Click here to join the group and it is open for anyone interested to join 

As everyone probably knows I am a huge advocate for Mental health first aiders as they can recognise and advise on symptoms of mental ill health which is essentially the same as a physical health first aider other than that they recognise and advise on symptoms of physical ill health. It was therefore recognised in discussions at the event that they are equally as important.

Jodie has created a petition which to make it mandatory to have a mental health first aider in every work place. Click here for the link to Jodie’s petition.

We have received some fantastic feedback from everybody who attended the conference including the communication being “so topical and important for our business”. Some people said it would “really make them question what more they can do” and described the workshops as “invigorating” and “encouraging great conversations”.

100% of people who attended the event said that they would be recommending it to others including businesses and friends. After receiving this amazing feedback, we will definitely be looking forward to hosting another event next year alongside the conference’s co-creator Mihaela Gruia from Research Retold.

We have had so much interest of workshops since the event so, to mark #NationalStressawarenessDay we have decided to host a breakfast workshop here in Leeds.

This is powered by Calm People and Lean lunch – it’s a breakfast workshop with a twist! The focus is on the 5 pillars of stress we want to encourage people to invest in selfcare. You can also pick you breakfast from a healthy and nutritional start to the day to book just email me saying you saw it on MMB and get a £5 discount on the price

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