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Thriving Minds Event – 10th October 2018

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Do you want to know how to increase positive mental health in the workplace?

Do you want to understand the links between physical health and mental health?

Do you want to build resilience for you and your team?

Mental health problems have a large annual cost to employers of between £33 billion and £42 billion with over 50% of the cost coming from presenteeism (when individuals are less productive due to negative mental health in the workplace).

Mental ill health also accounted for 15.8 million sick days in 2016. There is overwhelming research which illustrates that prioritising employee engagement and wellbeing enhances productivity, loyalty and profitability in the workplace.

Deloitte conducted a review of mental health in the workplace and found that the average return on investment of workplace mental health interventions was outstanding – for every £1 spent, the return was £4.20.

These are motivating findings for businesses to invest in positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace to tackle this growing issue.

Thrive Law is hosting the Thriving Minds conference to help empower businesses to understand what they can be doing to support their employees that may be struggling with their mental health. Our ethos is to support both employers and employees to ‘Thrive’ in the workplace.

With talks from key influencers such as Rob Vickerman who was previously the Captain of the England Sevens Rugby Team and is the founder of Workathlete, mental health experts as well as workshops and resources, the Thriving Minds conference will provide attendees with an array of perspectives, including insight from mindful employers and individuals sharing their lived experience of mental health issues.

The event, which will run from 9-5.30pm on 10th October (World Mental Health Day) is sponsored by Leeds-based creative start-up Research Retold, which helps academic researchers to present their key findings in creative and engaging graphics.

Mental health is such an important topic which can have a huge impact on people’s lives if the correct help isn’t provided, we are also campaigning to change the law as we want to ensure that all businesses have a nominated mental health first aider and respond to mental ill health with the same seriousness as physical health issues.

For group bookings of more than 3 people per organisation please contact Jodie directly for a 10% discount.

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