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Working with MMB


At MMB Magazine HQ,  we are always interested to talk to fantastic people about the potential to work together. We have a number of regions available to work with or indeed you can work with MMB Magazine across the UK. Below you will find the information on MMB West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire.  

For MMB Magazine South Yorkshire Click Here 

For MMB Magazine Manchester Click Here

Are you looking to reach Yorkshire working parents in the ABC1 demographic?

Moda In Pelle Campaign. Shot from their website with our MMB Mothers Day campaign featuring our Editor and bloggers.

MMB Magazine is the modern working mother and working father magazine for Yorkshire with an ABC1 Demographic and strong readership. We receive on average 100 to 400 views a day and on an average 2.81 page click through each visit. With a subscriber list of over 3800 readers for West Yorkshire and growing daily.

We have worked and work with brands like, Moda In Pelle, Space NK, HourGlass, Harvey Nichols, Neom.

We have some great celebrity backing from twitter and in the form of interviews. From the likes of Caprice, Gail Emms (Olympian), Claire Nasir (GMTV, Look North), Angela Griffin (Emmerdale, Inspector Morse) to name a few.


MMB Magazine published edition for working parents, April 2018

We have a limited number of advertising spaces and article slots available as we wish to be a strong content magazine not advert filled. If you are interested please contact us.

If you are interested in having an article in the printed magazine that is not currently covered by a  MMB Subscriber then  please contact our magazine at or 0113 347 2290



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