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“MMB picks up the mantel for the modern working mother, whoever you are, whatever you do. We have everything you need in one place – our unique online community. From inspirational women who tell it how it is, to the inside track from leaders at the top of their field. MMB gives you the confidence to know you’ve got this. Join the revolution.”

Editor – Abbie Coleman

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We are the modern working mothers magazine supporting savvy , intelligent working mothers throughout their working life. We launched late 2015 and well we have hit the ground running! To achieve our mission statement  we work with some fantastic bloggers, who bring you specialist advice on a daily basis. Learn more about our growing network of bloggers click here MMB Magazine

In 2016 we also launched or MMB Card for working mothers, offering fabulous offers and events for a little “Me Time”. We are proud to have businesses now distributing this out to their working mothers. 

We also launch in Sepetmber 2017 through the modern working mothers website our series of blogs , podcasts and events for business owners to help and support small business owners with great advice and support.

We also launch MMB Board in 2017 for female business owners in Yorkshire, in association with Gary Lumby and Meg Heath from Focus On Success. Click here to find out more and join.

An aim very close to mine and our bloggers’ hearts, which is to champion the flexible working career in the business environment for working parents. Both for career progression but also to offer the financial support needed for working mothers who are at the mid to senior level in their careers. Have you searched part time or flexible working roles over 30k on the job boards?

Returning to work after children doesn’t take away the skills, ambition and talent women had prior,  so why should your ambition, career growth and goals have to change because of part-time working?  It’s a sad fact until we have more career part-time roles in the business market we won’t see a change in the statistics on women in senior positions or at boardroom level .  And this is most definatley a modern family issue. 

We hold a number of events throughout the year for working mothers so make sure you are signed up with us to hear all about them.

One thing we can say is that our mothers certainly do mean business!


Press As Seen In : Yorkshire Post, Business Quarter, Industry Today, Topic UK, BDaily, Yorkshire Times, Business Link, , Recruitment International Today, OnRec, Pay & Benefits, Town Talk Leeds

Radio As Heard on : BBC Leeds, Radio Aire

As watched on : Made in Leeds Between The Lines, Made In Leeds Gossip Gals series.




Proud to be ambassador’s of child friendly Leeds 


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