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Young Enterprise Finalists

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Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to be part of a judging panel for Young Enterprise. An event to support children from schools to put together and run their own business. The standard and presentation skills were amazing from all the teams. However, for me, I fell in love with the idea behind Splash Books. A great team of confident and savvy 6th form students from Ashbourne, who wanted to ensure young children had more creative and tech-free time, even with the British summer weather!

So read about them and purchase your own Splash Book and support them to the final! #mysplashcreation

So let me introduce you to Splash Books the enterprise group made of QEGS sixth form students.

We all live in and around Ashbourne and love it but have experienced our fair share of rainy days here! Most of us have younger siblings or babysit regularly and one thing we’ve noticed is that today’s kids turn to the screens at the first site of rain. We wanted to encourage kids to have the creative, tech-free childhoods we remember, even if they are stuck inside.

With this book, we hope to….

  • Get kids off their screens and doing something creative.
  • Assist in the creation of a fantastic keepsake scrapbook.
  • Offer loads of ways to fill the time when you’re stuck inside.

    The book in brief:

  • The book consists of three sections; recipes, games and crafts.
  • All the images in the book are illustrated by Maisie Browne, an A Level Art student.
  • Emily and Alex, our two characters, offer their top tips after each activity in the book.
  • There is also the space for the children to either draw or take a picture and stick it in creating a scrapbook for them to cherish.



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