Does My Business Need PR?

Posted: Sunday May 27 2018

By: Katie Mallinson

It’s a question often asked by many business leaders, particularly those with older, successful companies. And the truth is, essentially, that you can survive without it, but to help boost your brand – and gain exposure in a specific market – a PR spend should always be an item up for debate on the agenda.

Does My Business Need PR? Yes And Here’s why…

Saves on advertising costs

If you have a great PR support behind you, the need to advertise can disappear. Good content itself is key, and newsworthy press releases, advice-led features or interesting comments provided on relevant topics, will speak for themselves when it comes to securing space in newspapers, magazines and online.

Although advertising can work alongside PR, it doesn’t have to, and any budget for marketing can instead be put towards receiving exposure on the merit of your contributions, instead.

Recruits staff

A great PR campaign will potentially do more than just boost your brand, it can also help you to attract new talent to the company – saving you on additional recruitment fees! Certainly, if your name is out there as a sought-after employer, the enquiries from potential staff could come flooding in.

In addition to this, the use of positive PR in your business may also boost existing employees’ morale, helping you to retain your staff, meaning less disruption to the team.

Controls your message

So, you have a story to tell but have NO idea how to get it out into the wide world. The answer is surprisingly simple – employ someone to provide PR support, and you can take charge of what people read about you in the media. From news about business growth, to appointments, or events, you choose the stories that are used to showcase your business – and provide your own quotes and commentary in addition.

Although only an editor can have the final say on what appears in their publication, using a PR agency to produce well-written content will certainly give you more input into your news stories!

Boosts your brand

This may be an obvious one, but one of the main advantages of a PR campaign – whether for a short time or an ongoing period – is quite simply to get your name out there, and spread the word about you and your business, what it is that you have to offer, whilst highlighting what makes you stand out in your marketplace.
Nobody wants to be ‘the best-kept secret’, and that’s where PR support comes into its own. Enabling companies to share relevant updates or opinions within industry – along with regional and national publications – can be the difference between having a well-performing entity, and an outstanding one.
Whether it be social media help you require, an awards entry that needs writing, or you simply want to increase the number of visitors to your website, PR can play a vital role.

Don’t underestimate it!

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