How could video benefit your brand?

Posted: Wednesday July 24 2019

By: Katie Mallinson

Could video benefit your brand? Cutting through the excessive online noise, in order to get your organisation noticed, isn’t the easiest of tasks – especially with how rapidly content is being fired out. As a business, you’re effectively competing with billions of others who are working out the best ways to utilise social media and digital methods for its qualities, to help turn prospects into retained customers.

Have you ever thought about using video to tell a story in a different way?

Customer appetite for visual content from brands continues to rise – and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, reports suggest that 83% of businesses believe video marketing gives them a good ROI – so why should it not be a major consideration in your overall comms strategy?

Video takes time to master, and knowing exactly where to start can be tricky.

However, here are my top tips to help benefit your brand.

1. Behind-the-scenes
What sets you apart from your competitors? You! Therefore, don’t be scared to showcase that.

Use video to show what life is like as a business owner, and what goes into your everyday success. Are you going to a conference or meeting with a client and the setting lends itself to something visual instead of a static image?

Maybe you’re celebrating a particular milestone for you, your customer or colleague? Or do you have an amazing workplace culture that you want to shout about? If so, invite your audience to enjoy every step with you.

It doesn’t have to be a Spielberg-style production, but make sure you get the basics right too. Simple things such as ensuring your camera is still – invest in a tripod if you have to – goes a long way, as well as framing the shot to capture the crucial content. Good quality sound is also vital – look into microphone options online if you need to purchase extra equipment.


2. Testimonials
Getting others to tell the story for you, and add gravitas to the messages you’re trying to portray can be absolute gold dust. Customers often gravitate more towards a person’s online updates over brand messaging, because they seemingly trust it more, so can your clients do the talking for you?

Setting up an interview-style scene to record a testimonial, or doing something a little more informal – but still professional – can help draw in a fresh audience, and potential new business. Plus, your clients know you care about what they have to say, because they’ve been purposefully selected for an important project.

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# Could video benefit your brand


3. Case studies

Visual content doesn’t always have to be directly about your brand. If you have customers you’re particularly proud of, put them centre stage – if they want to be!

Analyse the ‘human’ element of the story that you want to tell – do they have something that makes them particularly stand out from the rest? For example, are they a family business spanning several generations that you can get together for a positive video?
If you choose this route, pull together a storyboard and script the content so that you focus on absolutely everything you need to, in order to record the best tale.

Case studies often tend to be longer than what you might see on social media, so will most likely take up more time to complete, but they can also prove to be interesting pieces for the media to potentially use. So, they’re well worth looking into.


4. Talking heads

Becoming a thought leader is no mean feat. You must be confident, know your subject inside-out and be able to provide the insight into a pertinent topic which nobody else is.

Can this be better told as something on screen? A piece to camera of yourself or a client commenting on the latest legislation, the current trending topic on social media or product launch can offer an interactive way to engage an audience.

Also, this can prove to be a fantastic way to offer top tips and advice to budding entrepreneurs about setting up your business – and the trials and tribulations that you’ve experienced. It’s important to remain ‘human’ throughout, don’t overly script if you don’t need to, but prepare well at the same time.


5. Graphics
Not all videos have to be minutes or hours long, in fact GIFs and animated infographics can tell a story in an eye-catching and thought-provoking way. A visual representation of the latest study you’ve conducted, or the testimonials you’ve gathered, can really stand out online.

They can even be turned into a monthly report for your clients too, or featured in your regular e-newsletter, to keep the viewers interested. Make sure you have a way of capturing the data too, so that you can build your audience even further – and you’re producing the content they want to engage with.

If you’re a newcomer to designing graphics, there are several platforms to help such as Canva and Adobe. Give it a try!

There isn’t one set rule for creating the clips that work for you and your audience. Many organisations prefer short, snappy visuals for social media purposes, whereas other firms roll out longer productions that are more likely to be viewed on YouTube or staged on their own website.

For firms wanting to engage people even further, don’t be afraid to give different options a try.

Don’t expect things to happen overnight, or for it to go viral either. Remain realistic, keep thinking about what your viewers want to see, and be creative, visual and imaginative in your approach And, always remember to add subtitles to your final content!

# Could video benefit your brand

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