MMB Returner Development Programmes

Posted: Monday February 7 2022

By: Abbie Coleman

For less than the cost of one 45k hire through an agency you can invest in retaining up to 8 of your own highly skilled returners from maternity leave to your organisation.

MMB Returner Development Programmes


” For less than the cost of one 45k hire through an agency you can invest in retaining up to 8 of your own highly skilled returners from maternity leave to your organisation. “


“We are currently really struggling to attract talented professionals with the skill set and wealth of experience we need due to the current skills gaps. Many are looking to return after children, and we must reach these women and let them know the opportunities we hold”.


The conversation above is repeated by many employers in the world of work especially in markets with skills shortages like tech returners and financial services.


When clients first look to work with us it is generally to engage with our senior leaders talent pool and even reach previous employees with advertising campaigns and join our flexible working directory. Many employers we had spoken to are struggling with talent attraction with the above and ask us what else they can add to the package apart from the competitive salary to attract future talent and female leaders.


A lot of our clients had also gone down the traditional rout of using agencies ranging from a 15% to 20% fee of the hire salary while also spending to attract


The problem we found was many of these working mum career returners had negative experiences when they had returned from maternity leave in a non supportive environment, which made them look to change careers or apprehensive when looking to return to a permanent position.


When we sat down and talked in detail with one of our clients, we could see that the number of working mothers they were losing within the first year after maternity leave was a significant percent. This talent was precisely the senior level talent they were spending thousands on trying to re-engage.


With the highly published MMB Magazine returner survey of over 1k returners of 2018, it was clear for returner programmes there also need to be available as returner finishes maternity leave not just after extended career break after children. This strong focus on supporting your working mothers return from maternity leave adds real value to the employee and the business with such a positive impact for all.


What Are The Benefits of The MMB Returners Development Programme

  • Ensures a smooth and effective return to work
  • Better engagement and improved performance upon return to work
  • Clearer expectations and communication with manager and team
  • Focused career planning
  • Reduce overwhelm, stress, anxiety
  • Improve retention rates
  • Focus on talent development and career planning for career progression or diversity within the business
  • Support working towards closing the gender pay gap


Allowing your business to engage, retain and develop and attract highly skilled talent in a wide range of sectors and build an excellent reputation in the marketplace for an exceptional place to work. Take positive action for real impact for parents who have a young family within your company.


We can also offer additional support and ongoing support at the end of the programme with one to one coaching with a supportive programme.


1:1 COACHING up to Chief Executive Level

1:1 Coaching is entirely bespoke and tailored to your team’s available time, resources and budget. The coaching program can span before and during the career break and upon the return to the workplace.

* Please note we do not offer technical training on our returner programmes.


Contact for a full breakdown of the course delivery and costings.

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