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A Review of the Tinkerer Steam Box

A Review of the Tinkerer Steam Box

A Review of the Tinkerer Steam Box

Are you a busy mum looking to foster your child’s creativity? If so, you’re not alone. Many parents seek convenient yet effective ways to engage their children in meaningful activities without adding more stress to their already hectic lives. Enter the Tinkerer Steam Box, a promising solution designed to ignite curiosity and innovation in children.

Who are The Tinkerers?

The Tinkerers are a team of passionate educators, engineers, and parents dedicated to promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning among children. With a mission to inspire the next generation of innovators, they’ve developed the Tinkerer Steam Box, a comprehensive educational kit designed to make learning fun, interactive, and accessible.

What is the Tinkerer Steam Box?

The Tinkerer Steam Box is a subscription-based service that delivers hands-on STEAM projects to your doorstep monthly. Each box is carefully curated to provide children with engaging activities promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. From building robots to conducting science experiments, the possibilities are endless with the Tinkerer Steam Box.

I was thoroughly impressed with the contents of the two Tinkerer Steam Boxes we received. The quality of the materials surpassed my expectations, and they are clearly designed to withstand the rigors of play while being perfectly suited for little hands. Additionally, the included instructions were clear and easy to follow, ensuring that both my child and I could dive into the activities with confidence. The extra surprises and goodies were the cherry on top, adding an extra layer of excitement to the overall experience. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with our Tinkerer Steam Box subscription.

What Age Range Do They Cover?

When it comes to the Tinkerer Steam Box it’s designed to cater to a variety of age ranges, ensuring that children of different developmental stages can benefit from engaging in STEAM activities. Let’s explore the three age ranges typically targeted by the Tinkerer Steam Box:

Early Years (3-6 years): 

For the youngest tinkerers, aged 3 to 6, the Tinkerer Steam Box offers age-appropriate activities that focus on foundational skills and early exploration. These projects stimulate curiosity, promote sensory exploration, and develop fine motor skills. From simple building blocks to sensory play and basic science experiments, the Early Years curriculum sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning. Learn more in our guide to STEAM activites for babies and toddlers.

Primary Years (7-11 years): 

As children progress into the primary years, aged 7 to 11, the Tinkerer Steam Box presents more complex challenges and hands-on projects that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. These activities delve deeper into scientific concepts, engineering principles, and creative expression, allowing children to expand their knowledge and skills in a fun and engaging manner. Whether it’s building robots, conducting experiments, or exploring coding basics, the Primary Years curriculum offers diverse activities to captivate young minds.

Tween and Teen Years (12+ years): 

For tweens and teens aged 12 years and older, the Tinkerer Steam Box provides advanced projects that challenge their intellect, creativity, and innovation. These activities deepen their understanding of STEAM concepts, foster independent exploration, and encourage interdisciplinary thinking. From advanced robotics and electronics projects to computer programming and engineering challenges, the Tween and Teen curriculum empowers older children to unleash their full potential and pursue their passions in STEAM.

By catering to these three distinct age ranges, the Tinkerer Steam Box ensures that children of all ages can embark on a journey of discovery, creativity, and lifelong learning. Whether they’re just starting to explore the wonders of STEAM or seeking advanced challenges to fuel their curiosity, there’s something for every young tinkerer within the Tinkerer community.

What’s Inside?

Upon opening your Tinkerer Steam Box, you’ll find everything you need to embark on a new adventure with your child. Each box typically includes:

Educational Materials: 

Step-by-step instructions and educational resources to guide you and your child through the project.

Quality Supplies: 

High-quality materials and tools are needed to complete the activity, ensuring a seamless experience.

Fun Challenges: 

Thought-provoking challenges and prompts to encourage exploration and experimentation.

Surprise Elements: 

Exciting surprises and additional goodies to enhance the learning experience and keep children motivated.

Costs and Subscription Options

The Tinkerer Steam Box offers flexible subscription options for various budgets and preferences. Pricing typically ranges from a 12 month subscription at £17.81 per month 6 months subscription £20.24 and 3 months £24.39, depending on the chosen plan and any ongoing promotions. Additionally, they may offer discounted rates for longer subscription commitments or special bundles for families with multiple children.

Why Choose the Tinkerer Steam Box?

As a busy mum, finding the time and resources to facilitate hands-on learning experiences for your child can be challenging. However, the Tinkerer Steam Box streamlines the process by delivering curated educational activities straight to your doorstep. With convenient monthly deliveries and thoughtfully designed projects, you can effortlessly incorporate STEAM learning into your child’s routine without the hassle of planning and preparation.

review of the Tinkerer STEAM box with two children holding

Moreover, the Tinkerer Steam Box promotes quality bonding time between parents and children, fostering meaningful connections through shared experiences and collaborative problem-solving. Engaging in hands-on activities can nurture your child’s curiosity, boost their confidence, and lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Tinkerer Steam Box offers a compelling solution for parents seeking to enrich their child’s education and foster a love for learning. With its innovative approach to STEAM education, convenient subscription model, and high-quality materials, it’s no wonder that the Tinkerer Steam Box has garnered praise from parents and educators alike.

In the past, we’ve typically purchased toddler magazines for Eliza and Kimi, or occasionally indulged in older football or Minecraft magazines. However, considering the value and engagement offered by the Tinkerer Box, we’re contemplating shifting our weekly spending from one of these magazines to a monthly subscription to the Tinkerer Box on the 12-month plan. Not only would this potentially lead to better savings for us, but it would also provide us with two fantastic boxes each month. These boxes are not only educational but also have the potential to keep their attention for longer periods, making them a worthwhile investment in our children’s development and entertainment.

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