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mmb magazine is an award winning network of online and printed magazines developed to help working parents



MMB Magazine supports employers with the latest information on attracting and engaging with their working parents, we also offer full maternity & paternity returner programmes. Delivering a dedicated flexible employer directory, career board, along with in-house maternity & paternity returner programmes, workshops, line manager and employee intranet handbooks.


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Meet like-minded mid to senior-level professional women over a two-hour lunch in a private dining room, every quarter.

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Great Topics

From the glass cliff to imposter syndrome find out how others have navigated the employment landscape and got ahead.



Take time to invest in building strong business connections to expand your career and those around you.

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About MMB Magazine

MMB Magazine for working parents and returner programmes was launched in late 2015, by our founder Abbie Coleman. Having run her own business for 8 years she returned to work after maternity leave and found her place in business seemed to have shifted. This was through no decision of her own but due to the fact she was now a working mum needing flexible working hours and a mother running her own business.

Whilst she was fortunate to have a strong business network to call on and able to create a flexible working pattern as an employer. She realised this was not available to everyone and so many parents were being pushed out of their careers after childbirth through the simple limitation of working hours not being flexible, especially women.

a bit about me

Hey, I’m Abbie.

Launching MMB Magazine back in 2016, I had over 19 years in recruitment and 10 of those running my own recruitment business in Leeds city centre.  I launched MMB having had so many conversations with mothers who ultimately had had the choice taken away on their career growth simply due to having children.

I am passionate about ensuring all working parents, families have access to the best advice to help them navigate all aspects of life as a working parent to achieve everything they want both at home and work. We need to see both parents as equals at home and work and until we do this the gender pay gap, gender bias and so much more won’t change. Women and men will continue to be pigeon-holed into roles they don’t want to take and held back from achieving what they as individuals, professionals, partners, and parents want to achieve.

MMB Abbie Coleman
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