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BY Jamie Broadley

Wellness Lead

Jamie Broadley

My passion is for that fascinating intersect between wellbeing and performance. We all have a pretty good idea nowadays of what we need to do to maintain our wellbeing; sleep, movement, nutrition, meditation, finding our purpose and so on. The challenge is how we fit these items into the context of our busy lives. How do we achieve those moments of wellbeing amongst the controlled chaos of family life and whilst trying to advance our careers and make a difference to others?

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A bit about me

The reality is that, despite the millions of books, articles and podcasts published on this area, there isn’t a simple answer. Any solution is going to be highly individual, often nuanced, and always a careful balancing act. It is finding this point of balance for individuals and organisations that really excites me and drives my career.

My background academically is in psychology, I hold a masters in health psychology from the University of Leeds and have worked in a variety of NHS psychology settings. I have also combined this with a career in professional sport, having played championship rugby with Rotherham Titans. These 2 worlds have given me the privileged position of observing human performance at both ends of the spectrum and have allowed me to develop my thinking and practice about finding and maintaining that point of balance.

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I currently work as a Staff Wellbeing Lead for 2 NHS Foundation Trusts in Derbyshire, supporting staff and teams with the challenge of delivering high quality patient care whilst not burning out those providing it. I combine this with being the player head coach for Sheffield Tigers RUFC. These two contrasting environments give me that experience of seeing human wellbeing and performance truly challenged in two very extreme environments and thus further develops my thinking and practice on supporting those involved.
I apply these lessons in private work and have delivered a variety of offers from providing talks for charities, running gifted athlete development schemes in deprived schools and providing consultancy services for corporate wellbeing plans.

I love nothing more than learning and practicing in this area so if you’d like to discuss any aspect of my background, services or your experience then please contact me for a chat.

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