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MMB Maternity Returner Results released.

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The MMB Maternity Returners Survey

In early October 2018 we sent out a survey on maternity returners to MMB Magazine readers in support of their #LeaveLoudly #ReturnLouder campaign , which includes one of the first of its kind MMB Returner programmes  supporting employers to support maternity returners and line managers. With more than 1,000 maternity returners responding of which  72%  were in jobs at management level or above.

What Did The Survey Show

The survey clearly showed a strong lack of support for maternity returners among UK businesses.

More than four fifths of pregnant women begin their maternity leave unhappy and lacking in confidence about work – and over a third feel so isolated when they return that they want to hand their notice in.

Key statistics are:

• Only 18% of maternity returners felt happy and confident about work – having seen the way previous maternity returners had been dealt with by their employer
• 37% felt so unsupported and isolated on their return that they wanted to leave
• Just 17% felt they received good communication and support through the maternity process

• 90% said no returner support was offered though returner programmes or one to one coaching – yet 92% said a dedicated returner programme could have been beneficial

  • 60% were worried about their requests for flexible working being rejected and 68% had concerns about the cost of childcare when going back to work.

    Boost To The UK Economy

    The boost to the regional economy if this maternity returner market was engaged

    £100 million Yorkshire & Humber
    £150 million North West

    *Full breakdown of how stat was formulated is available.

    * Please note if you do quote our stats to also give credit back to the MMB Magazine maternity returners survey 2018.

    For more detailed statistics and the full survey please contact


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