Female Business Headshots

Posted: Thursday March 24 2022

By: Abbie Coleman

There are many common questions we often get around taking a business headshot as a woman, from business professionals both in the corporate world to small business owners; what do you go for with headshot looks, that work for your LinkedIn profile or profile photos through to website imagery.

Female business headshots

The questions and answers will vary from the best approach to use when it comes to female business headshots, do they need to be anything different from male professional headshots, of course not but getting great imagery takes effort, so how do you achieve this, how do you get the perfect female business headshots for your brand and image.

Should it be ultra corporate professional photos expected for a corporate headshot photography or more relaxed and authentic pictures with softer facial expression’s and more of a relaxed photo shoot which is the better way to go? What is the best look to convey should you look stoic or have a smiling face? And the important thing of what does it communicate to the viewer focus and culture of your business. How do you make that killer first impression with female corporate headshots true to you and your values and match your industry, if indeed you should match your industry.

Now while the traditional advice has gone along the lines of no statement jewellery, no bright colours, stick with a power suit corporate attire in a business environment conference room and look strong! The world of work is changing and about time too. Gone are the days when these limiting images are the only way to go. We are starting to see people breakthrough from corporate headshots and sector identities, and people are getting the understanding that people dealing with people is critical for connections and standing out. So I would say the crucial piece of advice would be to make sure you know 100% what you want to convey with your headshot, not what the market tells you is acceptable for you to share in the sector. Once you know what you want to communicate with your photos, the rest will be easy to figure out, and the best choice on style and settings will be made. I have seen some of the most used images to be that in a more relaxed environment as it makes more of an impact on you as a real person, but if that isn’t who you are that won’t work for you, you need to reflect you very much in your images. I recently have seen a great campaign from a business leader bringing family into their press shot pack. This impact made them seem relatable and approachable and matched the message they were sending out.

Should I use professional portrait photographers for my photoshoot?

In short, this is the first step you would want to take when stepping in front of a camera. If you can afford to invest in a professional headshot session with a professional photographer, then yes, without a doubt, this is the easy way to go. If you are running your own business or looking to raise your profile, sending headshots and imagery for press releases or article inclusion will often be asked. Having professional pictures to include with the right quality, dimensions and format can give you more chance of getting your foot in the door. A professional photographer’s advice and direction can help you achieve a collaboration of images you can use that all tie in with your brand, and the message you wish to convey can be invaluable. Photographers, once they know clearly what you want to portray, can even help with ideas of great venue locations for those wider shots, and when it comes to the technical stuff like lighting and poses, they will have you covered.

How Many Images Should I Get

Again this goes back to what you are looking to achieve; if your business has said they wish to have an image for the company website, then this will be a simple solution. But suppose you are a woman who runs her own business or indeed you are looking to generate press and use your photo session to enhance your brand. In that case, using the time to work to get several images that are all tied in together can be invaluable for your marketing materials portfolio, having photos that have been cleverly taken to connect with the brand that you can use across social media platforms as profile pictures and enhance your online presence can solidify your personal branding and company culture.

Professional female business headshots tips

  • Prepare For Your Headshot- This is always a good idea to ensure you have done the above research and know what you want to portray with your business headshot. This means time in front of the camera will be well spent, and you will feel more relaxed and organised. Making the best of the time you have will show in your photos with a relaxed and confident image.
  • Style and Tone- Having a clear style of what you are trying to portray is critical to help your photographer capture what you are looking for. Gone are the days of conforming to the pinstripe power suit and red tie (I know some didn’t get that memo), and the tech space is undoubtedly showing us how casual wear is more and more finding its way into the boardroom. But you need to know what style you wish to convey; having this reflected in your clothes can also help your photographer capture the style and image. Of course, if you are working for a large organisation, your input in this could be limited, but if you are a business owner or a more relaxed business, really think about this. Who are you, and what are you trying to say as an individual in business.
  • Colour – If you have your only personal style and are known for always wearing colour or indeed you want to show a hint of your brands colour, adding a pop of colour can be a clever way to express your business brand identity within a headshot if you are not keen on wearing colour having somethings in the background of a wider shot can be a clever way to tie this in.
  • Bare arms – Technically, if it’s a headshot, this shouldn’t matter too much, but it’s something that you are taking other shots to consider. Many photographers may think about this as the contrast between your skin tone that can be the issue as the colour will vary and be highlighted. This is probably more of a problem if you’re taking the photo yourself.
  • Professional hair and makeup, if you can afford to do this, then I would say yes, it’s an excellent investment. But stick with you; don’t use it as the latest time to try a new style. Ensure your makeup artist is aware it’s for a photoshoot, as you can take your makeup a little heavier.
  • If you wear glasses for the photo, make sure they are clean, as any streaks will show up. Also, if you wear them only at your desk and take them off for the shoot, make sure you give yourself a good hour without them on so you can get rid of any marks before your photoshoot.
  • Translucent powder will reduce shine, make your skin look even, avoid anything sparkly, including overdoing it on the highlighter.
  • Wear well-fitting clothes so no lines will appear, and you will also feel relaxed, and the fabric will hang well, giving you a polished and professional look.
  • Simply taking a jacket off and on for shots can help mix the images from an air of formality to a more casual look for any female business headshots.

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